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August 2019 United States Holidays Calendar (USA)

The United States Holidays Calendar: -When we don’t have the courage to face up to the situation, we look for an escape route which is called rationalization. The rationalization is a psychological defense commonly used to avoid dealing with painful realities. Refusing to acknowledge and accept reality becomes a mindset. When we don’t accept the reality we start living either in the past or in the future. We don’t stop there. We distort reality and build up fears and doubts. We worry about things that may never happen. Such imagined fears weaken a person. We need to face up to reality and stop rationalizing. Re-examine your value system. Guidance may be sought from people who have a clear value system and the courage to take a stand. Character is the foundation that helps us confront our false beliefs and build moral courage. We need to review our core values and principles to build character. Every little act of courage makes us more courageous to face bigger challenges. Courage is not like money in the bank. In fact, the more we spend it the more we get in return. We often avoid acting courageously out of reasons like complacency and apathy. We then become so comfortable with our discomfort that we start loving it. The trouble is that many of the problems we face today may have been solved more easily with a small courageous decision taken at the right time. Prepare yourself by using these amazing August 2019 Calendar Templates and day to day planner for personal and professional life. Prepare by trying to anticipate situations, and then be ready for the totally unexpected. Remember, practice does not make us perfect but makes permanent whatever we practice. Small choices in life end up becoming significant choices and prepare a person to face the bigger challenges of life.

August 2019 USA Holidays Calendar

We are accountable not only for our actions but also for our inactions. Every sunrise brings new opportunities and every sunset demands results and accountability. Many times, we hear, people are our greatest assets. This statement is not really true. People are not assets, only good people are assets, the rest are all liabilities. Goodness always needs to be cultivated, evil happens. If we want to have a good garden we must consciously plant seeds of good flowers and fruits. Weeds keep coming automatically, but cultivating goodness takes hard work and conscious effort. With the help of these amazing calendars, you can put more than one hundred percent in your work and here we have collected the August 2019 USA Holidays Calendar with all the local, international, federal, public and bank holidays list and festivals.

Aug 1 Colorado Day (Colorado)
Aug 4 Coast Guard Birthday
Aug 7 Purple Heart Day
Aug 9 World Indigenous Peoples’ Day
Aug 11 Tisha B’Av
Aug 11 Eid al-Adha
Aug 12 International Youth Day
Aug 12 Victory Day (Rhode Island)
Aug 14 Raksha Bandhan
Aug 15 Assumption of Mary
Aug 16 Statehood Day (Hawaii)
Aug 16 Bennington Battle Day (Vermont)
Aug 19 World Humanitarian Day
Aug 19 National Aviation Day
Aug 21 Senior Citizens Day
Aug 23 Janmashtami
Aug 23 World Day for Slave Trade Abolition
Aug 26 Women’s Equality Day
Aug 27 Lyndon Baines Johnson Day (Texas)
Aug 29 International Day against Nuclear Tests
Aug 30 World Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearance
Aug 31 Muharram
Aug 31 International Overdose Awareness Day
August 2019 Federal Holidays United States
August 2019 Federal Holidays United States

Those who accept accountability take pride in performance. People who take pride in performance anticipate what’s coming next. They don’t wait for the need or problem to arise, they preempt and prevent probable mishaps by taking preventive actions. They are prepared in advance to resolve the problems or meet the needs before they arise. People who mean business always have a contingency plan. They perform and deliver no matter what. They deliver results, not excuses. They believe in the philosophy, it is better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent. Accountability is defined as a willingness to accept responsibility. When we accept accountability willingly, it automatically becomes an obligation. The word willingly means, I accept out of choice and not out of duress or pressure. They are all positive words that prevent negative consequences. None of them are corrective words. People deal with us based on their perception of our commitment to what we say. Only a person who holds himself accountable will work towards keeping commitments. We always need to ask ourselves the following questions, Am I trustworthy or reliable, can people accept my word or can people depend on me? Only if the answer to these questions is yes, can we be termed as accountable?

US August 2019 Holidays Calendar
US August 2019 Holidays Calendar
August 2019 Calendar USA
August 2019 Calendar USA
Printable August 2019 USA Holidays
Printable August 2019 USA Holidays
USA August 2019 Calendar With Holidays
USA August 2019 Calendar With Holidays

How can you get anything above average in life when you are only average. We need to become above average before we can get anything above average. These August 2019 HD Calendar Wallpapers are for Computers and Laptop Backgrounds but if you want calendar wallpapers for smartphones or especially for iPhone then please visit the iPhone Calendar category and get the best calendar wallpapers free of cost. Check out these amazing August 2019 USA Holidays Calendar and get the best one for yourself. We work so hard for these calendars if these calendars are shared with as many as people then we’ll happy to continue good work, God Bless You.

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