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Free October 2020 Desk Calendar

No problem. Plan less. There’s always a counter-movement for everything. People who do the exact opposite and advocate an anti-productivity lifestyle. You know, folks who claim they have
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September 2020 Desk Calendar

This September 2020 Desk Calendar is not about life hacks, productivity tips, or any other tactics. We all know about those things. Sure, now and then I share
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September 2020 Wall Calendar

With the help of these amazing September 2020 Wall Calendars, I answer emails, read articles, go for coffee, do some online shopping, and work on recurring tasks to run
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August 2020 Wall Calendar

August 2020 Wall Calendar: -The to-do list is one of the simplest task management systems in use today. Yet it continues to frustrate millions of people. You may
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Free August 2020 Desk Calendar

Free August 2020 Desk Calendar: -Few people are logical and most of us are prejudiced and biased. Most of us are blighted with preconceived notions, with jealousy, suspicion,
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Floral July 2020 Calendar

Floral July 2020 Calendar: -Today, in business, we have too much talk. We have too many conferences. When companies grew large, many of them set up little parliaments.
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